Circle Time
A morning acitivity to build children communication and social skills with singing, greetings, storytelling, dance and movement, etc.

Montessorian Play and Curriculum
Dr. Maria Montessori believed that, "given the right environtment, children could learn anything". Ecole adapted to the many of the Montessoriantools and methods that guide and build the children knowledge and learning skills at their own pace, through observation and exploration.

1. Mathematics Skills
Developing their mathematical understanding through series of activities created by ecole DE smarties combined with montessorian curriculum.

2. Geography
Developing their geography understanding through series of activities created by ecole DE smartiescombined with montessorian curriculum.

3. Fine Motor Skills
Series of activities created to assist and build the fine motor skills of your children, helping with their hand grips and many more.

4. Introduction to Science and Practical Life
Basic science and practical life knowledge are learnt through activities with real plants or object in the classroom and the environment.

5. Thinking Skills/Cognitive and Creative Skills
Thinking Skills/Cognitive and creative skills are developed by engaging children in activities with openended question, communication, art & craft, blocks, creative stories, puzzle, art, music, movement, dramatic play and many

6. Language
Activities that includes reading, writing, phonics, story telling, speech, drama and many more to promote and enhance reading interest and skills of children.

7. Library Time
Activities that includes reading together in the library to promote and enhance reading interest and skills of children.

8. Art and Craft
Ecole de smarties enganged children with many art and crafts activities which are created to allow the children to be creative accordingly to their each individual stage of development.

9. Gross motor skills
Gross motor skills are about developing large muscle development, development of each individual may vary, in ecole de Smarties our games and activities includes movement that help to strengthen the children large and small muscle, with our playground facilities, educational toys and our special PE (Physical Exercise) hour.

10. Social and Personal Skills
The first social skills children get is with their family, the next big step in their social skills are meeting and blending with other people outside their family, which is usually PRE-SCHOOL, ecole de Smarties adapted and is created withmany activities that vary which guide, build and develop children cofidence and knowledge of their personal health,safety, positive attitude and physical development, through their social and personal skills development such as circle time, interacting with friends through role play, letthem play in groups, direct communication with teachers dailyand many more.

11. Speech and Drama
Speech and drama is an additional program to stimulate children interest in language, activites such as story telling, drama, music and movement.

12. Enrichment programs
Students have varietis of enrichment programs to choose, to create and develop the active and creative mind acording to each individual talents and interest. Our enrichment program include Math & English, Drawing, Mandarin, Taekwondo and Kiddie Yoga.

13. Cultural Studies
Develop children awareness about their surrounding and environment by celebrating many event with creative activities to celebrate days such as national day, religious celebration, etc.

14. Mandarin Language & Bahasa
Mandarin language as 2nd language and Bahasa as 3rd language.

15. Educational field trips
Develop children knowledge with educational in outdoor.

16. Practical Life
Enganging children with visual presentation and hand-on activities, such as planting trees for earth day, etc.

17. Sensory Awarness
Develop and guid the children through the development of their sensor development by presenting the activities with visual presentation and practical presentation. Such as sand play, water play, blowing bubble, etc

18. Therapy Session
For Special needs.

19. Parents Seminar
Your children are our first priority, therefore, Ecole De Smarties priority is to make sure that parents are updated about the many things concerning about their children. Parents Seminars are held once a year about updated new concerning children health, safety, an development and Parents Teacher Meeting are held at the end of every term to disccuss your children progress and development.

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