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Ibu Dewi (Karla's Mother)
The teachers here are very friendly and patient. They welcomed Karla with open arms. I watched Karla grow physically and mentally, to be a confident and smart student. She always looks forward to go to school everyday to meet her friends and teachers. The teachers are always able to keep the students engaged with fun and interesting activities. As such, I would highly recommend SDS Gemar Belajar Berkarya Bersama for new students.

Ibu Wiwin (Winola's Mother)
Pertama kali Winola masuk Ecole De Smarties umur nya belum genap 2 tahun. awalnya saya merasa anak saya telat berbicara akhirnya saya masukkan ke Ecole. setelah beberapa bulan masuk Ecole perkembangan Winola sudah mulai terlihat. Sesudah bisa beradaptasi dengan teman-temannya, sudah mulai mau berbicara. Yang saya suka sistem pembelajaran di Ecole itu bagus, guru-gurunya juga bisa diajak komunikasi dengan orang tua murid, sabar mengajar anak-anak dan sangan menyenangkan. Selama 4 tahun di Ecole Winola luar biasa perkembangannya dibanding sekolah-sekolah lain yang levelnya sama. Harapan saya semoga kedepannya Ecole bisa lebih baik lagi, lebih maju dan lebih kreatif.

Ibu Winny Xu (Freya's Mother)
Freya have attended Ecole the better part of almost a year. It is unusual for Freya to leap out of our arms, but the teachers here manage to make her calmly goes into their hand and walk to the class when we drop her off in the morning. I have seen how my princess grow and develop by attending Ecole. She has so much knowledge, often surprised l'll ask her "How do you know that?" and she'll reply she learned it at school. Socially, I couldn't have asked for more. My child has made so many friends and can't wait for the fun activities that this school provides. Music and arts class are the highlights of her week. Each teacher and every teacher in the building knows my doughter's name, even the ones who's classrooms she has not been in. Ecole makes you feel like part of a big family, and they really care about the well-being of your child. There is a difference in the preschools in our area. I have been to visit most (if not all them) and found Ecole to be the most accommodating and have the best curriculum for my child. I am always welcomed to her classroom at any time (not so with some other schools). I also notice a diffrence with the children in my classroom. The children who have attended Ecole seem to have an edge over the other children. They appear to be more socially adjusted and i will often hear "We already learned that in preschool". Ecole has halped me in making sure my child is smart, creative, independent, strong, and well-adjusted. When it comes time for kindergarten and beyond, i know she will achieve to her highest abilities. In part, we have Ecole to thank for that. Sincerely.


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